Our Story


Months after losing my husband Dustin to terrorism, I made a promise to God and my husband that I would live the rest of my life honoring his sacrifice and heroism, as well as do whatever I could to keep his memory alive.

Dustin was an ISR Pilot working as a civilian contractor, his missions were supporting the global war on terrorism (GWOT). He was highly skilled as a pilot and very passionate about his work. The only reason he would ever question his career overseas would be the time spent away from our daughter who was born in 2017. Dustin was an amazing husband, step-father to three young men, brother, and son. He added so much to our lives and for that we are all forever grateful. Once we welcomed our daughter into this world, he began to explore jobs closer to home. He left for his last mission overseas November of 2019.

In January of 2020, he was just days away from coming home where he would then begin a new career path to be more available to our baby girl. There was nothing he loved more than being a husband and father. However, I knew a part of him would miss his work overseas, as he had dedicated over ten years to the organization without a complaint. He loved what he did.

On January 5th, 2020 my husband Dustin S. Harrison was KIA by the terrorist organization Al – Shabaab. Alongside my husband, two other Americans lost their lives, and two others were wounded. My whole world had been set on fire and all I knew was I had to survive. I needed to heal to give our daughter the best life possible in spite of the horrific tragedy that wiped our whole world away. Our future looked dark and grey and I wondered if I would ever be happy again.

On February 4th, 2020, my daughter and I were invited to the State of the Union in honor of my husband’s sacrifice. After accepting the invitation, I made a promise to forever honor my husband’s heroism. While sitting and drinking my coffee one day, tears rolling down my face, I knew this honor would be through coffee. Coffee has a way of grounding us as it brings us back together. You could say it is a hug in mug at times.

One of the many things Dustin and I shared in common, was our passion about coffee. During his time home, we always made sure spend each morning to sit and enjoy each other’s company over a cup of coffee or two. It was how we connected before our busy day would begin. We had fun trying different flavors, different roasts, and different methods of brewing.

After losing Dustin, I would sit alone with my coffee and wonder if coffee would ever bring me comfort or joy the way it had before. That is when the idea of starting a coffee company in his honor began to take form. I needed coffee to feel special again and what better way than to somehow turn the sadness into something meaningful.

Through this journey of being a widow of a hero, I have joined a community of other widows, who just like me, fear their hero’s sacrifices will be forgotten. Therefore, Freedom Coffee Co. is dedicated to America’s hero’s and their families, but most importantly, it is honoring the greatest love – sacrifice.

April 15, 2022, my husband received the Secretary of Defense Medal for the Defense of Freedom. Not long after that, we had an FBI briefing where I learned that he and the other pilot on board willingly sacrificed their lives to ensure the safety of the others on the airfield. While my heart one again shattered into complete dust, I knew one thing was certain – my husband is a hero. I am honored to share his story.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends ~ John 15:13. This verse was burned into my heart, knowing that Dustin acted in pure love during his last moments. However, he was always a hero to myself and my children long before he became an American hero.

Freedom Coffee Co. is honored to share the stories of our American heroes. So let us say their names and never forget their sacrifice.


Let Freedom Brew!

Hope Harrison
Widow of American Hero, Dustin S. Harrison – KIA 1/5/2020