Mo Havoc - Espresso Blend

Mo Havoc - Espresso Blend

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This roast is in honor of Maj. Moises A. Navas 
Say their names ~ Never forget their sacrifice!
KIA March 8, 2020 


This espresso blend is composed of coffee from Brazil, Guatemala and Costa Rica.  All three were specifically chosen for their high quality and care taken at their farm to ensure clean, chemical free crops. 
This blend is a post roast blend.  This means each of the coffees are roasted on their own, then blended before bagging.  This allows for each coffee to be roasted to its best taste, then compliment each other in a well balanced cup.  While it makes a fantastic straight shot of espresso, it also stands up fantastically with milk for lattes and cappuccinos. 
This is considered a MEDIUM-DARK roast.
Tasting notes: Rich and deep with chocolate and just a hint of brightness
This coffee is artisan roasted in small batches in Tucson, AZ by BattleBorn Coffee Roasters.

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