CRAZY FLYER - Mexico - Organic Dark Roast

CRAZY FLYER - Mexico - Organic Dark Roast

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This roast is in honor of ISR Pilot Dustin S. Harrison and his family.

Say their names ~ Never forget their sacrifice!

ISR Pilot Dustin S. Harrison. - KIA January 5, 2020


CABONOCH is a fair-trade certified cooperative located in the Altos de Chiapas region of Mexico.  This cooperative represents smallholder producers in the surrounding areas that are harvesting ripe cherries, processing them washed on their own organic-certified farms, and delivering their coffee in parchment form to the warehouse for purchase and approval. 

This area is humid and tropical, inhabited by small communities of producers who have formed cooperatives to gain stronger representation in the coffee market. These producers take pride in their land, growing coffee organically through methods passed down from generation to generation.

This organic raw coffee is grown in ways that preserves and protects the environment, and also produces a consistent, high quality cup.

Tasting notes: Mild, sweet, and savory and mild cocoa flavors
Fair Trade, Organic
1000-2100 meters
Bourbon, Typica, Mundo Novo

This coffee is artisan roasted in small batches in Tucson, AZ by BattleBorn Coffee Roasters.

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