HANGMAN - Costa Rica - Light Roast

HANGMAN - Costa Rica - Light Roast

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This roast is in honor of Capt. Steven Torbert  and his family. 

Say their names - Never forget their sacrifice!

Capt. Steven Torbert - January 14, 2016


Don Sabino Micromill is a father-son project that produces meticulous coffees in what seems like "simple" conditions, but with incredible care and attention to detail.  The mill was established in 2011 by the Vargas' who have been in the coffee industry their whole lives.  This father/son team started out initially processing only natural coffees, but recently are expanding into some honey processed coffees as well. 

Tastes....Sweet and smooth with lots of winey fruit acidity, dark chocolate, cooked coffee cherry, and apple flavors.


Natural process
Caturra & Catuai varieties
1300-1600 meters

Sabanilla de Alajeula, Central Valley Costa Rica

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