RY-DAWG - Java Medium Roast

RY-DAWG - Java Medium Roast

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This roast is in honor of  SGM James G. “Ryan” Sartor and his family. 

Say their names - Never forget their sacrifice! 

SGM James G. “Ryan” Sartor - KIA July 13, 2019


From our importer, Cafe Imports: Riunggunung Estate is a 10-hectare farm with 9 hectares planted in a selection of different varieties that are commonly found in Java. This lot is from the highest point of the estate, elevation wise. This section of the farm not only develops the most nuanced flavor profile for the coffee, but it is also a somewhat dangerous place for the plants: On very cold evenings it can potentially frost over, which can devastate production. The stress, however, is part of what contributes to the beauty of the flavor in the cup.

Part of what makes this coffee so special is that it all comes from one specific farm, the Riunggunung Estate.


Tasting notes:
Cocoa with mild burnt sugar and cooked papaya flavors. Complex acidity and mellow sweetness


Washed Process
1600-1650 meters
Variety: Andungasari, Bor Bor, Katrika, Ateng

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